Fair Liberty's Call
by Sharon Pollock

Published by Broadview Drama Peterborough ON.

"Fair Liberty's Call" [email protected]
PDF Manuscript copy available on request [email protected]

 Number of Acts: 2
 Length: 120 mins
 Total actors required: 8
 Men: 5
 Women: 3

Sharon Pollock Fair Liberty's Call.jpg

 Late October 1785. A Loyalist family that has fled from Boston to New Brunswick hosts a reunion to commemorate the fall of Yorktown. The family is joined by two other veterans and their former Black scout who comes with news of the murder of one of their comrades. When a stranger arrives they assume him to be a former Loyalist soldier and invite him to join their rough ceremony honoring their service with Tarleton's Loyalist Legion. However the stranger soon reveals that he is a Rebel soldier. At gunpoint he demands justice for his brother who was killed in a massacre of surrendering Rebel soldiers at the Waxhaws. He gives the party until dawn to choose one of their number for execution. As the Loyalists attempt to debate who among them is least worthy to live, each is forced to confront their own actions and conscience, and to consider questions of justice and loyalty.