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Photo by Telegraph Journal.

Photo by Telegraph Journal.


The Phantom                                   Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
Don Juan                                         Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
King Lear                                         Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
Ghosts of Violence                         Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada

A cross-section of Television plays include:

Death in the Family                      Nomadic Pictures (TV movie)
Country Joy                                  CBC Television (six 30 minute scripts)
The Larsens                                  CBC Television (1 hr National)
The Person’s Case                       Access Television (1 hr AB)
Portrait of a Pig                             CBC Television (1 hr National)
Ransom                                         CBC Television (1/2 hr "Beachcombers")
The Komagata Maru Incident      Access Television (1 hr AB)
Walsh                                            Access Television (1 hr AB)

Shorts (10 min plays):

Sittin' Around Talkin'
It's All Make Believe Isn't It?

A more complete list of written work for young audiences and for radio may be found in the Newest Press bibliography of “Blood Relations and Other Plays”.


"Pollock on Plays"  2006-2009 Weekly reviews of Calgary theatre productions. Program "Homestretch" CBC.

Contributions to print media:

The National Post
The Globe and Mail
The Calgary Herald
Swerve Magazine

Sharon Pollock Playwright dramaturgy review actor canada

Adjudicator, Competitions, awards, & festivals such as:

Alberta Playwrighting Competition
Herman Voeden Playwrighting Competition
Alberta Writers Guild Literary Awards
Edmonton Book Awards
Canada Council jury duty
Provincial and National theatre festivals
International Irish Festival