One tiger to a hill
by Sharon Pollock

Published by Playwrights Canada Press Toronto ON

"Sharon Pollock: Collected Works Volume 1" [email protected]
PDF Manuscript copy available on request [email protected]

 Number of Acts: 2
 Length: 110 mins
 Total actors required: 10
 Men: 8
 Women: 2

Sharon Pollock One Tiger to a Hill

 Inside an aging Federal Maximum Security Prison an inmate in isolation has died under suspicious circumstances according to inmate rumour.  This despite external reviews and recommendations for change that warden and staff have failed to implement. In a demand for justice within the prison and a chance at freedom two lifers, Metis Tommy Paul and Gillie, an African Canadian inmate, have taken three hostages, one a female rehabilitation officer guards suspect is in on the plan. Their suspicions are based on their belief in her having an intimate relationship with Tommy Paul in his counseling sessions.
Tommy Paul wants his criminal defense lawyer as negotiator along with a political activist for prison reform. He gets his activist but his lawyer is replaced by one who normally deals with corporate law. The max prison is unknown territory for him. In attempting to mediate for a peaceful resolution the machinations of the prison administration and guards plus the unpredictable actions of hostages and inmates, result in a loss of trust on all sides, and betrayal is in the air.  A compelling, complex and compassionate look at what happens inside, inspired by events within the New Westminster Maximum Security Prison in the 70’s.