by Sharon Pollock

Published by Playwrights Canada Press Toronto

"Sharon Pollock: Collected Works Volume 1" [email protected]
PDF Manuscript copy available on request [email protected]

 Number of Acts: 2
 Length: 110 mins
 Total actors required: 7
 Men: 5
 Women: 2

Despite early years of homesteading hardship Old Eddy Nurlin managed to hang onto the family farm as neighbouring homesteaders were losing theirs.  Now the Nurlins face a new challenge. The Natives from a nearby Reserve have blocked their access to water in protest against federal government policies. “It’s the farmers who’ll suffer, not the government” Old Eddy tells an elderly Native friend he’s known for years. His appeal for a lifting of the blockage goes nowhere. Now drought has struck but the Natives remain firm in their government protest strategy.  To top things off Young Eddy who left the farm to study law returns with a plea for the family to sell off a section to finance his career plans. His younger brother David, totally committed to the family farming heritage is anything but happy, while father George, mother Margaret, and Old Eddysee what the family has struggled to preserve and pass on is placed in jeopardy.  
A family drama about land, place and relationships, an ode to farmers everywhere.