Sharon Pollock Sparks.jpg

by Sharon Pollock


PDF Manuscript copy available on request [email protected]

Number of Acts: 1
Length: 65 mins
Cast: minimum 4 actors,  for 11 roles

It's 2012 and a reluctant George, is touring Historic Old Fort Erie on the 100th birth date of The War of 1812.  A lightning strike catapults him back in time. He finds himself in 1812 as a shot rings out and he's confronted by a dying man whispering an urgent garbled message and begging him to deliver it. Confused, concerned, dislocated in time, and finding himself in a world at war, George tries to interpret his garbled words, discover for whom the message is intended and deliver it. He's soon in danger himself, suspected as a spy, pursued by the militia, and hunted as prey by an unknown figure whose objective is apparently to prevent the delivery of the message.Then, of course, there's always that small matter of getting back to 2012.